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FAC Air Rifles

FAC Air Rifles
We sell FAC air rifles to order, rim fire, center fire, and FAC shotguns. Full service and repair facilities. We also have dedicated gunsmiths that take pride in there work. Barrel threading, repairing stocks, re-blueing, servicing are just some of the works we do.

BB Guns

BB Guns
Large range of BB guns available.


We stock a wide range of accessories for all your shooting needs. If we don't stock what you want we will be happy to order it in for you.


We have a nice range of shot guns in our shop 410, 20g, 28g, 12g, side by side, over under just pop down take a look and if you interested try before you buy

A1 Guns Wales ltd

a1 gun shop inside
A1 Guns Wales has evolved from twenty years of hobby shooting and sourcing personal products, to being launched as a commercial venture in January 2011. As we are enthusiastic shooters ourselves we are aware that there is a niche in the market for experienced, knowledgeable, friendly like-minded people who can provide a service with its main aim to bring value for money to our customers.

What We Do

Custom Rifles
Here at A1 Guns we accommodate all your custom needs for your rifle. From custom stocks to threading barrels, triggers, tuning and any other works you may need.
Here at A1 you can have your rifles and pistols tested by our staff. Always make sure and know that it is your own responsibility as a air gun owner that your rifle or pistol stays within the parameters of the law. Better to be safe than sure.
Advice and Help
Our staff are always on hand for any advice or help you may need when it comes to either choosing a rifle or the laws surrounding shooting.
If we don't stock what you need we can get it. Most items to order can be here within 24 hours.


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